A Case Study on Explosive Growth Through Strategic Digital Marketing

Softsie Website Redesign


In the highly competitive loungewear industry, Softsie has emerged as a beacon of innovation and customer satisfaction. However, despite having a loyal customer base and a unique product line, Softsie faced challenges in boosting product sales, improving website navigation, and enhancing customer retention.

Increase in Year-Over-Year Sales
Increase in New Customer Acquisition
Increase in Sales from Email/SMS Campaigns


Softsie’s primary obstacles included:

  • Enhancing overall product sales in a saturated market.
  • Simplifying the website experience to help customers find products more efficiently.
  • Increasing customer retention rates.


To address these challenges, Softsie partnered with our team to embark on a comprehensive digital marketing overhaul. Our strategy encompassed:

  • Website Redesign: Enhanced Softsie’s site for intuitiveness and user-friendliness on all devices, focusing on smooth navigation and quick loading.
  • CRM Consolidation: Unified contacts and marketing in one CRM to enhance customer management and streamline operations.
  • Email & SMS Campaigns: Refined messaging, targeting, and timing based on customer insights, crafting personalized communications for higher engagement.
  • Promotional Schedule: Developed a year-long schedule of unique deals for holidays and events to boost sales and foster loyalty.
  • Social Media Strategy: Built a dynamic online community for Softsie with captivating content and targeted ads, maximizing social media’s impact.
  • Advanced Analytics: Leveraged tools like Google Analytics and Shopify for in-depth performance tracking and insights.


Softsie’s case study exemplifies how a comprehensive, data-driven digital marketing approach can substantially impact sales, customer acquisition, and retention in the e-commerce space. Through strategic website redesign, refined email/SMS campaigns, a well-planned promotional schedule, and dynamic social media strategies, Softsie not only overcame its initial challenges but also set a new standard for success in the loungewear industry.

Natalie Feild
Founder & CEO
“The Keono team is incredibly responsive and dedicated. They care about my business just as much as I do. From helping me with my website, email marketing, social media, and now even Amazon, they are an indispensable team of experts!”