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A Case Study on Dominating the Wearable Accessories Market on Amazon

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Locker Lifestyle, a visionary women-owned company, identified a gap in women’s athletic apparel: the lack of pockets. Addressing this need, they crafted wearable accessories designed for convenience and safety, with their flagship product being the innovative wrist wallet. Their journey on Amazon, from product launch to becoming the market leader, is a testament to strategic marketing and a keen understanding of consumer needs.

Increase in First Month of Amazon Sales
Increase in Sales from Amazon Advertising
Top Ranked Product on Amazon for Wrist Wallets


Locker Lifestyle faced several hurdles in its quest for e-commerce dominance:

  • Launching their unique products on Amazon’s competitive platform.
  • Optimizing Amazon product detail pages for enhanced search relevancy.
  • Effectively running ad campaigns on Amazon to increase visibility.
  • Aiming to rank within the top 10 on Amazon for wrist wallets.


To navigate these challenges, a comprehensive strategy focusing on Amazon’s platform was developed:

  • Amazon Storefront Creation: We established a dedicated storefront for Locker Lifestyle on Amazon, showcasing their full range of innovative products in an engaging and branded environment. This step was crucial in building their identity on the marketplace.
  • Amazon Promotional Schedule: A strategic promotional calendar was put in place, leveraging Amazon’s vast promotional tools. This included lightning deals, holiday promotions, and participation in Amazon Prime Day to boost visibility and sales.
  • Amazon Ad Campaigns Launch: We initiated targeted Amazon advertising campaigns, including Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands ads. These campaigns were meticulously crafted to target relevant keywords and audiences, driving both visibility and conversions.
  • Content Development for Amazon: Recognizing the importance of engaging and informative content, we developed captivating posts and enhanced product detail pages. This effort was aimed at improving search relevancy and providing customers with all the information they needed to make a purchase decision.


Locker Lifestyle’s case study is a shining example of how innovative products, coupled with strategic e-commerce marketing, can achieve rapid success. By partnering with Keono and leveraging targeted Amazon strategies, Locker Lifestyle not only addressed a common pain point for active women but also established itself as a market leader. This journey underscores the potential for small businesses to thrive on Amazon, transforming challenges into remarkable growth and brand recognition.

Kat Weaver
Founder & CEO
“The Keono Team is extremely responsive, intuitive, and strategic when it comes to building brands. They brought my Amazon account for my business from $0 to 5-figures within one month.”